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Hello dear The Register reader!

(And if you're not coming from The Register, here's what the fuss is about: LOHAN, the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator. It's rocket powered, it's stratospheric!

On November 13, The Register published an article about the PCBs for the LOHAN project:

    LOHAN to slip in sexy little black number

We're very proud to be helping the LOHAN project. Go LOHAN!

About Hackvana PCBs

Hackvana has supplied nearly 4,000 PCBs to customers this year. High quality full-featured boards, individual attention for every order, and a price that's right for hobbyists.

Actual photo. Design credit: Nick Johnson

Whether it's boards that look as good as these, boards in your hand worldwide within a week of ordering, or boards for under USD20, shipped, there are board options just right for you.

How to get your Hackvana PCBs

It's easy:

Hackvana takes it from there, checking your design, guiding you through invoicing and payment, and making and shipping your boards in just a few days. You'll be informed every step of the way.

So, welcome to Hackvana. The affordable boards your project deserves are just an email away.

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