Dear Hackvana customer,

After eight years, thousands of orders, and hundreds of thousands of boards, I've closed the doors of Hackvana.

Thank you for your support, it's been amazing! In that time I never advertised: all my business has come from word of mouth.

Since I announced my closure, many customers have asked me about recommendations for PCB, stencil and assembly suppliers.

Value-added suppliers


If you're after added value, not dissimilar to what I offered, please consider Pad2Pad. They're a company in the USA that makes and supplies boards, and also does board and product assembly. Shipping is free for USA customers, they offer a wide range of materials, and there's no charge for e-test and tooling/set up.

You can get an instant quote with this form:

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If you're unable to view the form, or you want to save the address, please try this link:

SPECIAL OFFER: If you order with this form or link, you'll get a 5% discount on your order. They also share a portion of the order value with me, so if what they offer meets your budget and requirements, you and I both benefit.

Value suppliers

If you're after value and quality, there are two Chinese suppliers I can recommend:


They do good PCBs and stencils at a great price.

You may be surprised to hear that JLC has been one of my suppliers (as "Horizon") right from the start. I have always dealt with them through their Chinese language website, but now that they sell direct, you don't have to.


JLC are becoming very popular, but HQPCB (which I referred to as "Strong River") offers some things that JLC doesn’t:

  • Blind and buried vias.
  • Castellated holes (aka “half holes”).
  • Controlled impedance traces.
  • Matte black soldermask.

    There’s no option for matte black soldermask on Strong River’s English website. I suggest asking for matte black soldermask in the remarks field. Chinese for “matte black soldermask” is “亚黑阻焊”.

Please see how you go with these options. I'm very interested in your feedback. You can email me (, and the Hackvana chat channel is still open: